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Saturday 1 May 2010

Fire is the cleanser

Here's a moving picture of my face explaining why I'll be setting fire to my ballot paper on May 6th.


  1. Brilliant video, Jonnie.

  2. Glad I'm not the only one John. Glad to see you have a blog. I've started one myself but haven't had time to format it how I desire or finish my first post. I'll link you it when I do get the time. I might not burn my ballot, I may write 'none of the above' on it though. :P

  3. Hey Jonnie, the problem here is you are not offering up any kind of new idea of how to make the process fairer. Now although say the lib dems may not get the seats, their impact on the election can still be felt because by virtue to getting votes they shift the centre. Do you think the Tories really want to talk about green issues and saving the NHS? Of course not, but they have to because by you voting for the other parties the Tories have lost votes that they would like to have got so they claim a stronger mandate to to give tax breaks to millionaires.

    Democracy, the worst form of government... except for all the others.

  4. I may do another video about Proportional Representation and why it's better. I would have thought, from the criticisms I made, I'm arguing for a different democratic system, not a return to feudalism or 'owt like that.

  5. So you joined Labour to get PR? But they were offering AV and only in the last few months.

    This is the SAME Labour party that kicked the idea out in 1997 and had 13 years to actually DO something about it but didn't.

    You say most people in Windsor didn't vote Tory but then if they won by a large majority they obviously didn't want any of the others did they?

    Would PR make any difference? In some places yes but in some areas like Windsor possibly unlikely.

    Great video (loved the Lego men) and agree with you on PR...but I feel the people should decide in a referendum and not by being pushed through (as was planned) by a Labour party almost desperate to stay in power.

    But hey...only my opinion :-)

  6. I agree - let's have a referendum on PR. I joined the Labour party mainly because I want to vote on their next leader, not because I agree with everything they do/have done.