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Saturday 24 November 2012

The BNP and UKIP - A Spot The Difference Game

Twitter and assorted, credulous media tosspots have been aghast today at the news that Rotherham council has reservations about letting racists foster immigrant children. While there are obviously a number of problems with this policy - most obviously that we shouldn't be letting racists foster anyone (Rotherham council were apparently quite happy to place British born children with the couple) - the twatosphere has chosen to focus on a completely upside down set of facts, in much the same way you might use a knife and fork to shove your dinner up your arse.

Putting aside the problems people have raised about councils acting like "thought police", the most egregious part of this fuckwitted debate - if you have the temerity to label it that - is the spectacle of people falling over themselves to point out that UKIP is not a racist party. This splurge of fucknippled fabulism culminated in the prime-minister - who, as always, desperately needs to rim the airtight little arseholes of eurosceptics both in and out of his party - retracting one of the few true statements he's ever made - a sentence uttered some six years ago, back when he was pretending to be anything other than a morally bankrupt shill for all that is cancerous, vapid and venal in our society.

The cry has gone up, now, clearly, that UKIP are a mainstream political party. They're no some weird, loony fringe any more. They're the respectable face of the far right, and they should be treated with respect, because the far right is respectable now. They're not like... you know... *them*. The ones with all the racism and the tendency to get sued by Unilever.

Which would be fine, except UKIP are exactly fucking like the BNP, save for the fact their leader is slightly more eloquent and slightly less likely to provoke a vomiting fit using only his smile. Oh, and their acolytes are more likely to watch cricket than football, so it's all good, old fashioned, Jeremy Clarkson on the village green, Nan's been on the sherry, traditional British racism. Not like the BNP, who are scurrilous thugs with nothing British about them.

To illustrate just how indistinguishable the two parties are, I've created a fun "spot the difference" quiz! Yes, that's how boring my Saturday has been. For each round I want you to guess whether the statements written came from UKIP or the BNP - or, in at least one case, both! When you're done, write your answers down on the back of a postcard and wait for me to collect them.

Round 1. 

Each of the following is a statement from either UKIP leader Nigel Farage or Nick Griffin leader of The BNP. But which is which? Try and guess the correct answer to find out, or just cheat! The choice is up to it's your choice, so choice wisely.

1.) “Let’s put British people first. Only [PARTY NAME] is brave enough to say that.”
2.) "We've given them unlimited rights of free movement into this country and now we've given them total freedom to use our benefits system, our health system, our schools."
3.) "Sending aid to rioting ingrates while our own people die is stinking, elite hypocrisy." 
4.) "“We are going to get Britain out of Europe and withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights,”
5.) "We want our country back. We will not be conned again."

Round 2.

In this round you'll be reading excerpts and policies from the UKIP and BNP manifestos. Using only your brain, try to sort out which is the racist party and which is the really, really racist party!

6.) "The first responsibility of the British government is to its own citizens, not those who would like to settle here."
7.) Which party wanted to apply "Britishness tests" to assess immigrants' suitability? 
8.) Which party would institute an immediate, 5 year freeze on all immigration? 
9.) Which party "loves Europe but hates the EU"? 
10.) Which party would require health checks for all those wishing to live in Britain to check them for "communicable diseases"?
11.) Which party advocates immediate withdrawal from the EU? 
12.) Which party seeks to "end the active promotion of the doctrine of multiculturalism" by local and national government?
13.) Which party would seek to deport immigrants, including those given permanent leave to remain, if they are found guilty of a crime?

Round 3.

The final round. Congratulations on making it this far without dying! BUT YOUR GREATEST CHALLENGE IS YET TO COME! The following all come from campaign literature. So pin the bigotry on the party and win yourself a smug feeling of self-satisfaction!

14.) "The British Fishing and farming industries have been destroyed to allow Spanish fishing vessels and French farmers to benefit instead." 
15.) "We, the undersigned, demand a referendum on British membership of the European Union."
16.) (Next to a photograph of a sad looking Native American wearing a headdress) "He used to ignore immigration. Now he lives on a reservation." 
17.) "Only [Party Name] is against unlimited immigration."
18.) "Surely, no believer can vote Labour and walk with the Lord Jesus Christ." 

Now you've got your answers, let's see if they're the right answers or the wrong answers, then tell us how many of the answers you answered corresponded with the real answers in the comments section. Here are the answers:

11.) Both UKIP and The BNP. Give yourself one point for each!
13.) Both UKIP and The BNP
18.) BNP


I'd like to point out, for the record, and in response to a couple of tweets that I've gotten about this, that obviously Cameron, Miliband, Brown, Blair etc etc etc are all terrible, racist wanksprockets too. I didn't mean to offend anyone by excluding them. 


  1. You could do this with just about any party. BNP are a national socialist party, whereas UKIP are a classical Liberal / Libertarian party. If you analyse the roots of each party they're completely different - all you really have to go on here is the fact they have UK or British in their title and some of their policies, which is unsurprising for 2 UK political parties. UKIP and BNP share so few policies. UKIP's immigration policy is about number NOT the colour of peoples skin, Nigel Farage himself has said that people should now be 'colour blind' when it comes to race, UKIP are actually the only party in the UK who ban ex-BNP members from joining. They're distinctly not a racist or fascist party in any way, if you think this then you need to re-read the definitions of those words again more closely.

  2. What an ignorant fucking arsehole you are. BNP are a left wing party with a solidly 70's style left wing protectionist manifesto - nationalising industry, imposing protectionist trade measures. Put their manifesto next to Foot's - see how many points of conjunction there are there. UKIP are *slightly* on the right, barely so, and their immigration policies are, in writing, barely different to tory or labour - the main difference is in practice labour and tory ignore their stated policises and just let any buggers in. This is when - dickface - you shout WACIST at me. See if I give a shit.

    Now, let's talk about wacism itself for a second shall we? Why is this the worst of crimes? Why wouldn't we let *declared*, (rather than assumed), racists foster? Why would that be more damaging than letting communists foster? Or satanists? Or seventh day adventsts? And what do you even mean by racism? That there are differences between races? Believe me, there are - ask a haematologist for example. That Britain belongs to the british for instance? Well why the hell not? Would you like to China that it ain't for the chinese?

    Christ I've read some smug pointless shallow shite in my time, but your drooling crap is up there in the top ten.

    1. The BNP is "left-wing"? Laughable. I suspect you and the likes of Hannan say that because you don't want the Right to be associated with any kind of extremism. But that's intellectual dishonesty on your part and the part of those LOLibrtarians. I've also noticed that, like the rest of the Right, you're not much good at discussion and would rather abuse people instead.

    2. What is far right about preventing further selling out of a country? Were you not aware of the NSDAP had both far right and far left elements?

      You have no idea that being a member of the EU is illegal under UK law. So many laws are continually broken by both the scum in UK power and EU technocrats. Despite this I do not hate either, I see them correctly for what they truly are, illegitimate and illegal. It is time to stop being mind controlled by left right thinking, unless you are seriously that small minded enough to fit into either box. Many political scientists recognise the seriousness of this and now do not rate the traditional ways because there are far too many complex things involved in politics these days. Maybe 200-300 years ago we could still use those labels, certainly not today because it fails to recognise the full policies and only base them from one segment, such as economics or social policy and this wrong, incomplete and inaccurate.

  3. Joseph Moran B.A (Hons.) (how impressive), perhaps you should look up the definition of racism in the dictionary and memorise it for next time you want to open your revolting greasetrap of a mouth.

    1. And the rest? I know you can count higher than that!

    2. You attempt at ridicule and exhibition of lack of intelligence does not astound me, it merely amuses me.

  4. "There are differencea between races, ask a haematologist" as a defence of racism made me laugh so much my belly now aches.

    Yes, because one race being more prone to Sickle cell anaemia is clearly a good basis for dictating that they're inferior and shouldn't mix with those more prone to abnormal sodium channels.

  5. Why do you feel the need to tell the rest of us that you have an undergraduate degree?

  6. Ironic isn't it, how the hateful fuckwits posting in response to this article are only validating it's points further...

  7. i agree on so much ukip have to say, im sick of the lies of the left parties, i hate the fact that if you dare speak of immigration your deemed racist, a lot of people lean towards bnp because they are not being listened to, the mainstream parties don't wanna know. A lot of streets are being ghettoized and unsafe (im not on the immigration on this part) and the police are either undermanned or too soft and people want harsher punishments for criminals where judges are being too soft - ukip pledge to build more prisons (i don't care if they build a million if thats what it takes to keep our streets safe)... the people who are quick to deem racism at others are the ones who live in privileged areas... I will be voting ukip

  8. This is very sad and desperate writing you have posted here. And completely meaningless.

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