Things I thought

Monday 21 October 2019



Billboards haunt
Like shadows
From a dream
That's not my own

I want things I hate
For wanting

Monstrous Kaiju
Gorgeous desire
Fifty foot sirens
Me down
To their shallow depths

Light from adorned
Doorways claws
At my skin
The promise of denial

I scuttle home
To the safety of my
Private lies

Wednesday 28 August 2019


I am wedded to
An endless war of
Me against
A Me Who
Is not
A man from the past
Who has my face
Who shares my self
Who defiles it
He gets drunk to send me
He splits up and tells me
It's over
He procrastinates
Leaving me as the ruler
Of our ruined future
He dies in every moment
His inheritance is sorrow
I accept
He is a nightmare to share a home with
Let alone a body
If I could make the time
To make a time machine
I'd give you what-for
But what for?
I'll forgive you
And give myself
Wasted recovering
Put my feet up with a beer
Know I'm already hated
By one I tell:
I defy you
I know the price
Of now